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We believe that great clients and great advisors have a sincere desire to do their best thinking in any planning cycle. Yet with the complexities inherent to corporate planning for Fortune 1,000 companies and personal planning for self-made families, it’s all too easy for intellectual creativity to get diluted and momentum to dissipate. That’s why we created a philosophy and a methodology that allows all the stakeholders in planning to consistently do their best thinking on any project at hand.

Our Method:

Inspired by Why® refers to the environment we create through every relationship. We help affluent families and established companies reset their vantage point, leading them back to the excitement and inspiration that comes from being in their best thinking mode. When they get into that space, they naturally find the same kind of vision flow that was present all those years in building a business. They become Inspired by Why®.

The Shared Lens®

The Shared Lens® refers first to our authentic desire to get to know the people we’re serving. We’re not here to push our agenda. We’re here to learn about yours. And regardless of whether the outcome of our thinking sessions benefits Benson Blackburn or not, if we leave you in a better place for having had the dialogue, we take pride in the outcome.

The Inspired Purpose®

With the Shared Lens® in plain sight, we get all of your advisors in the room to create ideal scenarios for executing your vision. We call this The Inspired Purpose® because now your Why is driving our collective creativity. Also, Benson Blackburn thrives on taking a situation that’s stuck and helps by infusing it with positive optimism that together, we can arrive at an amazing outcome. Importantly, this means that every voice matters equally. All of your advisors have a stake in bringing your vision into reality.

The Vested Outcome®

Historically, planning can grind to a halt at the execution phase – lack of understanding of their own Why innately causes clients to stop short of pulling the trigger. However, in our work we move into execution with momentum. Since the plan was inspired by the client’s Why, and all the advisors played a key role in its development, all participants find themselves vested in seeing it to fruition. That’s why we call this phase The Vested Outcome®.

Our Philosophy

We believe that great thinking is the precursor to great outcomes. That asking the unanswered questions invites great thinking into the room. That armed with clarity of your vision, all participants in the process are inspired to operate at their highest level of contribution. And that in this light, together we live up to the calling that is our life’s work.

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