About Benson Blackburn

Firm Profile

Founded in 1976, Benson Blackburn is a specialized insurance consultancy firm with an emphasis in providing exclusive access to Proprietary Life Insurance, Private Placement, Corporate Benefits, and Business Preservation solutions for ultra-affluent families and closely-held businesses. We have a national practice with clients coast to coast.

With our national practice, reputation, and history, we are able to work closely with insurance carriers and their executive leadership teams.

Through our Membership with M Financial Group, we have access to provide our clients proprietary products with special features and superior pricing models that are unavailable from other providers.

This is all we do… We have invested a significant amount of resources into service and support platforms dedicated to the needs of our clients. Our national network is substantial and we are specialists in providing customized solutions for our clientele.

History & Milestones

For over 40 years, Benson Blackburn has grown into a sustainable, multigenerational services and administration platform. The firm is focused on delivering world-class solutions and consistent, high-quality services to the clients and advisors who entrust us with their personal planning, life insurance portfolios, and corporate benefit plans.


To deliver superior financial
solutions and services
to our clients and their advisory teams
through thought leadership and
access to better resources.

We Strive To Do This By…

  • Consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients and their advisors
  • Delivering intelligent advice and diligent service, unmatched in our industry
  • Servicing multiple generations of clients by innovating constantly and providing long-term customized solutions

Core Values

To accomplish our mission and live up to the long-term commitments we make, our team operates with the highest sense of urgency and is deeply committed to the core values below.

Dedication to Serve

We serve our clients and advisors exceedingly well; striving to surpass expectations in every interaction by providing valuable, customized, and lasting differentiation in everything we do.

Mutual Expectations

We have an authentic desire to get to know the people we are serving. We look to create a shared understanding with our clients and advisory relationships so their objectives become our goals, and their victories become our triumphs.

Respectful Collaboration

We believe that no one anywhere knows everything. We willingly share information, ideas, and insight in an effort to achieve best thinking for our clients and advisory relationships. Exceeding clients’ expectations requires team effort.


We strive to exhibit trust, good counsel, professionalism, and authenticity in every relationship and client interaction.


We make each other better by being our best for clients. We strive to empower our team members and our partner advisory relationships to be their best. We support all efforts to continually enhance the client experience.

Key Attributes

Four key attributes differentiate the service we deliver.


Benson Blackburn’s independence enables us to provide unbiased advice to our clients and their advisors. We utilize a highly disciplined approach to enhance life insurance portfolios and corporate benefits pricing.

Domain Experience

Benson Blackburn’s focus on serving ultra-affluent families and closely-held businesses has enabled us to develop domain experience with respect to the financial instruments, planning structures, financing methods, and administrative requirements of each unique client circumstance.


Benson Blackburn offers operational depth and a team-oriented approach that enables each client to benefit from the most appropriate resources for their particular circumstances. We are constantly investing in incremental process improvements, enhanced systemization, and exceptional people in order to live up to our clients’ expectations.


Benson Blackburn’s multi-generational governance structure helps to assure long-term continuity of services for our clients’ ever changing planning needs.

Our Team

Michael D. Benson

Managing Partner

Scott G. Blackburn

Senior Partner

Amy B. Basso

Director of Client Services