Michael D. Benson – Managing Partner

Email: mbenson@bensonblackburn.com
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For over four decades, Michael has been an advocate for his clients in helping protect and preserve wealth. Over this period of time, he has created several companies to address various aspects of wealth management, wealth transfer planning, charitable trusts and foundation administration and reporting.

Michael’s primary company, Benson Blackburn, was created to assist ultra-affluent families with the wealth transfer planning process. His client advocacy and solution oriented approach has helped protect significant wealth for clients, their families and charitable legacies.

The Benson Blackburn Inspired by WhyTM Process has been recognized by many of the country’s top advisors and family offices as a quality process of creating efficiencies with estate planning strategies. This process evaluates the “why” rather than the “how” in creating the desired impact for the family wealth.

Michael has assembled a highly knowledgeable internal team with finance and accounting degrees. The mission of his firm is to help families establish reasons and purpose behind wealth transfer strategies and seek efficient structures.


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